Coming Soon… The Web SUPPORT Club

Are you feeling stuck with your site?

You’ve invested time and money already in getting a website up there to promote your business…but now what?

We’ve all got those niggly day-to-day aspects of running our business which maybe don’t come as easy – y’know, the bits you probably leave to a random rainy Sunday afternoon! For some it’s the accounts (*raises hand*), and for some….

It’s the ‘tech stuff’.


In an ideal world, you’d probably outsource it all and let someone else take care of your site – but as a small business on a budget, that may not be an option available to you at this point. Anyway, you kinda know your way around the back-end of WordPress, and you enjoy the freedom of being able to go in and update things when you need to.

Problem is, it all seems a bit, well, overwhelming.

I mean, how do you embed a video? And someone said I should really have this SEO plugin installed…do I have that?

These questions and many more are what the Web Support Club aims to answer – an online resource for you to access at any time to give you a hand when it comes to looking after your WordPress website.

I mean, you’re never gonna want to learn to code, but knowing a few key HTML tags is pretty useful!

OK, so what’s included?

When the Club opens, you’ll get access to a number of tutorial videos to help you with your WordPress website, including:

   How to install a theme

   Learn how to create and edit your website’s navigation menu

   A guide to the buttons on the Toolbar included on the Visual Editor for Pages & Posts

   And lots more to help you add and edit images, content and other good stuff too

There’ll also be helpful guides relating to SEO and optimisation of your site – then you can take action to improve how both the search engines and your potential future customers find and fall in love with you!

New content will be added going forwards, so you can build and develop (had to get a development joke in) your WordPress knowledge.

Sounds great, I’m interested in joining…

We’d love to have you on board – the site is currently in development and it’s going to launch with a totally affordable monthly payment; you’ve then got access to all the learning material for as long as you’re a member, with new content being added regularly!

To get on the waitlist for the Web Support Club, just enter your details below: